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A place for all your tourism, electric car rental and publicity needs. A one stop shop if you will. You can find us in the Azores, an archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic, often mistaken for bread crumbs on a map.

We are passionate about where we live and wanted to do something innovative, to present our islands, but at the same time preserve our little paradise and so we came up with 2EZ!

Our goal is to provide our costumers with quality service, equipment and rates. What ever your needs may be, we are here for you with a user friendly option that will save you time and money.

The times are changing...

The future has arrived! The Twizy reinvents TODAY your life in the city. Two-seater, fun, safe, comfortable, electric, open, energetic, fun and daring, the Twizy launches electric revolution in mobility for all, an absolutely innovative and extraordinary design.

This ATV can be driven with letter of category B or letter of category B1.

The Twizy will give you energy to drive throughout the city.


If you want to experience the island in a fun and eco friendly way, we’re the rental service for you. You can “free style” it or opt for the ezNAV guided tour.

The tour covers all the natural and historical sites, as well as strategically placed “plug it in” points where you can enjoy local cuisine, shop, swim or rest while your car recharges.

Price List


NOTE: Prices include basic insurance and tablet with EZnav app. For an aditional 5€ per day, you can benefit from SuperCDW insurance.

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